I am moving and having not owned a TC in around 8 years. I do not foresee another one in my future as I have the SVO and a DD. I have door panels, speaker grills, sail panels and a center console. A set of snowflakes that have been in the shed. I know one rim has a minor dent but they held air. A front bumper, bumper cover, header panel. I should have an ABS computer and keypad module too; power side view mirrors, two sets possibly. I want this to go to a TC guy that will either use or keep these parts as a spare. I will let this stuff go super cheap but not for free. With respect to the forum rules I will ask for $30 for the door panels. I would really hate to throw this stuff out if somebody could use the parts but I am not moving most of this stuff because there is just no need to keep it around. Really hope somebody local comes and takes it all!


84 SVO 1C
08 MKZ